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Morning Pages Entry – April 28, 2014

It’s monday morning, and only 3 days left in April. Time to get into gear. I should have some new big goal set at the beginning of each month. Like, I should have this book published, and the next book published, before the end of May (next month). That would be pretty cool to actually publish two books in one month. Even though the first one has taken me forever to write, it’s pretty close to getting there, and if I could just finish it of, and get back to doing my 5K per day writing thing, then I could get the next one started. That would be pretty cool. It’s pretty ambitious, but also pretty cool. Something to think about. It would be a great way to kick off your summer. Then, by the time the second one is out there, you’d be working on the third. I could have a 5 book series up on amazon, by the time the girls go back to school. That would have to be making some money at least. Especially, if they were coming out that quickly, and you started doing FaceBook ads the way some of the kindling readers are doing them. I should, start looking for facebook ads out there. See if I can see what other writers are doing. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to find. Go to a few zombie pages, and see what’s going on. There is the one group that I follow. They may even be willing to take ads on their page directly. It seemed like a pretty big page. Although, you’ll have to give some thought, as to what type of page, your reader likely hangs out at. It would take lots of testing for sure. Could be the zombie page, or it could be other authors pages. You may have to buy that scraper software, the picks up UIDs from each page. I wonder, how hard that would be to write. That could be something interesting you could do your self. Even if you did it manually. It’s probably, not that hard really. You’ve written scraper stuff before. I’m sure, you could do it again. A little PHP coding project, could be an interesting change of pace. Although, those ones are desktop applications that have been recommended. I could likely, make one and sell it to others, as a service. Maybe, offer it free to kindling members, and see if the word gets out there for other people to use it. That might be another income stream as a service for authors. Not a bad idea, as long as your not spreading yourself too thin with this stuff. Even if you could get it to be making 1000 bucks per month, that would be alright. Of course, if you could get your books to be making 10K per month, then why would I even bother about something like that. Yesterday, was a bit of a tiring day. I was supposed to sleep in till 8 or 8:30, but Sam woke me up, to take her to work a few hours earlier. Not cool. I was pretty bagged for the rest of the day. That girl really needs to get her license. I certainly hope she gets it the next time. I would really like to be relieved from all this driving around stuff. It’s getting old fast. It would be nice, not to be driving all around the city with this swimming crap. Even though, I no longer have to do early mornings, I’m still looking forward to getting out of that business entirely. No more swimming for me. Thank you very much. I sure, hope, it doesn’t screw me up in terms of going to work from the boat this summer. But, I suspect, it will mess me up for a few weeks beyond school ending. Unless, we just leave a car at home and I manage without a car at the boat for the first few weeks of june. That could be an inconvenience, but it would be better, then losing time at the boat I suppose. I really need, to find some more interesting things to write about with my morning journals these days. It’s becoming a bit of a struggle to keep these things up. Although, it looks like if I can just get through the next few sentences, then I will hit my total for at least another day, and be able to stop writing till tomorrow.

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