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Morning Pages Entry – June 07, 2014

So, here we are at a swim meet at Brock University, and yesterday, I experienced something that I have several times before, and that is the exhilaration I always get from being somewhere different. I was just so happy and excite to being some where new. I think, it comes from all the times we used to travel in drum corp, and always landing in a different city for a corp show or parade. I experienced it when I travelled for work before as well. I remember the first time I went to California, and just walking around the area near my hotel. It really is such an inspiring and revitalizing feeling for me to be somewhere totally different. I really should, just travel around sometime and do my writing. It’s got to be one of those bucket list things … to be able to travel to as many different places as possible, while writing a novel. That would be incredibly cool. To be in a different city or place every day, while writing a novel. It could even be travelling by motorcycle, or maybe even by train, or heaven forbid by bus. Now, wouldn’t that be interesting. Just travelling around say, all of Canada or the US by bus, and being in different places and just writing. You could stay at hotels, motels, friends places, campsites, whatever. You could even do the driving your self, or travel by motor-home. It would be cool to try all the different sorts of accommodations, and modes of travel to see which was the most appealing. I think that each would have their appeal. Being around crowds of people would obviously be a different experience, then doing the travelling on your own. Heck, you could even go by boat (sail/motor) or airplane for a while. That would be totally cool. You could plan out parts of the trip in detail, and sometimes, you could just wing the heck out of it. Of, course, journalling and documenting the trip with pictures and video would be essential. You would have to try different things along the way, while your writing. Then of course, there comes the obvious question of whether you do it on your own or with someone. And, travelling just for the sake of travelling becomes a part of the journey. You would certainly have to write a minimum number of words every day. I think, that the trip would not only be documented in a journal (public / private ?) all along, but also in the pages of the novel. You couldn’t help, but be inspired by the surroundings your in. You know, you could probably even do something like that within your own city, or surrounding area. Sure why not? You don’t have to go that far to find different. Gives you another excuse, to buy yourself a new laptop of course 😉 But, sure, why not. Just go somewhere different, and write in a new surrounding. It could be very inspiring. Maybe, something you should think about doing, whenever you get stuck. I know, that writing from the boat was a good experience last year, until you messed up your back. And yes, you need to find a way around that dilemma. So, then it’s decided. You need at some point to find a way and time, to travel and write. Sure, the further you get from home the more interesting it becomes, but there’s no reason, why you can’t find a few places within your local area to do it as well. Get out there and see more of things. Writing in your own basement all the time is maybe not the best thing. Stick yourself in the middle of a mob somewhere and do some writing. Surrounded by people may actually inspire you to get more done. It needs to be a place I think, where you can be alone in a crowd. Surround by people for inspiration, but still alone in the crowd so you can focus on the writing. That would be the way to go. You may be challenged to find enough places to write from, but even if you just found a few, and rotated through them that would be pretty cool I think. It could become a bit of an adventure to be out in the world, and doing your thing, but sort of just blending in. Taking in life, like a secret agent, and drawing on the energies around you to translate them into words. Make it fun!

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