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Morning Pages Entry – June 19, 2014

Well, today is number 199 in a row … only one more till a new plateau. This is the one piece of work I do that seems to be the most successful. If only, I could do so well with my other pieces of work. This one has become easy. For a lot of reasons I suppose. It is a habit. It is simple and clearly defined. It’s small and manageable. I don’t think of it as being something big, even though, after doing it every day, it has become quite big in terms of total word count. It’s at least the size of two novels by this point. I think I’m somehere over 150K words by now. That’s certainly a couple of novels. I could be closer to 200K words actually. I think, that’s another badge once I get to that point. That’s perhaps the step I’m missing in this whole novel writing. It rarely, except for days like today occurs to me, just how many words in total I’ve written for this. But, when it comes to my novel, it’s most of the time, that I’m thinking of the grand total of 75K words or so that springs to mind. I do need to stop thinking that way obviously. When I was doing the 1250 words in 45 minutes thing, is when I was the most productive. And, it was easy. You don’t have to care about the big picture. Just focus on the next 45 minutes. Do the next 1250 words, and take your break. It’s easy really. No big deal at all. It’s only a rough draft. No one is going to see the rough draft but me, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make it better. And, next time, going in, you’ll have a clearly defined outline of where the story is going. Start off with your island of events and move to organinzing them into a W structure or some other sort of beats that is appropriate to moving things along. It’s not rocket science. It does need a structure though. I thought to myself yesterday, that what you need is doing that things are being organized and put into place. You like that. Games like tetris and 2048 are organizing like games. Your putting things into their proper places. That’s why you become obsessed with them. Even squash is something like that. Your keeping the ball in the proper place … down the side walls, nice and straight, and no messy stuff into the middle where it’s all cluttered with bodies and limbs and racquets. Even when you were selling links, it was about keeping all the sites organized, and completed with enough articles, and properly running, and making sure all your orders for the day were fufilled. So, you can accomplish the same thing with writing. Number one goal, don’t get overwhelmed with the sheer size of the goal your trying to accomplish … always live in the moment … in the next 45 minutes worth of words. That’s all you need to be concerned with. Then the next 45 minutes, then the next … till your done. Then, by noon, you’ll have 5K words of rough draft to work with. That’s where it all stems from … everything else, is just gravy. Bonus work. Do, the 5K of words … you’ll feel better … just like how you feel better doing this … then the rest is easier. And you have a feeling of accomplishment, of organizing, of moving forward to something better. That’s the key here. So, speaking of moving forward. How do I move forward with the novel. You have some good plot/story suggestions from Emily your editor. You should incorporate those, break the story down into two pieces, and publish away. Get the first book set to perma free, start working on the next novel, and move ahead. I think, I do want to setup a mailing list, and I don’t want to look for beta readers (or do I) for this novel??? Maybe, I should make a post on GoodReads forum, and see what happens. You never know, you may get lucky. You could find someone good to read and give you some feedback. You could even publish before they get back to you. That’s no big deal. It’s a novel, and you can always go back, and make it better after it’s published. That’s again no big deal. You can do whatever you want remember. You just need to get past this first big hurdle of having a book published. So, break out of your old habits, and get things going.

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Morning Pages Entry – June 04, 2014

I need to find a way, to make my writing my safe place to go. I need it to become more of a habit. It needs to be my place that even when people in my life piss me off, and treat me badly, that I can go to and feel better. That I can be productive, and create new worlds and people, and I can feel better about myself. Being angry, shouldn’t prevent me from writing, it should bring me back to writing even more, because it’s a place where I can have a real benefit, and make real changes, and things always go the way I want them to. That’s what my writing should be for me. A place I want to be more then anything else. I should always be writing. Even when I’m editing. Even, if it’s only for an hour a day. I can write close to 1500 words in that hour. There’s no reason not to do it. I could force myself to do it for 30 days, and it will become habit. Spend a few minutes plotting something, then write what you’ve come up with. You may have to force yourself to do it for 30 days, but then it’s habit, then you just keep going. Right now, your at 183 days with your morning journal. If you hadn’t missed that one day, your streak would be at 193. Your very close to 200. Could you possibly imagine not doing this every morning. It’s become a bit of a sanctuary Definitely, if you can get in the habit of writing every day, including weekends, even if it’s for an hour, you’ll have a whole other series to publish. You could spend the first 15 minutes in here your morning journal doing some plotting. That would work, just write something in here about what you want your characters to do. If you have other stuff you can write that too. But, if you did that every day. A thousand words, then you could publish a short novel every month. If you had done that at the same pace that you do this morning journal, then you would like seven 25K sized books out there right now. That’s seven books of a hundred pages long each. There’s really no reason not to do that. Actually you should plot out an entire 25k, then write it in one month – one scene per day. That’s easy. Then you get a story out every month, and you can still work on the bigger one. I think. That, seems very manageable. Or, maybe, you just apply that approach to your main novel, and bump up the number of words that you write per day. What you really need, is to have an outline ready before you start. If you had an outline done at the beginning of the month, then you could just write as many words as possible, till it was finished. Then, edit, make a cover, and do all the other admin stuff and get it out there. You shouldn’t have a problem editing that many words a day. Make it a habit. Do it, every day. Just write every day for thirty days, and make it a habit. At least 1000 words, preferably 2000+ words or as many as you can pump out there. Say, at least a 1000 on weekends, and the rest of the week, you do 2000+ . That gives you close to a 200 page novel a month. Nothing wrong with that. Call it a series, a serial or whatever. That’s a pretty good schedule. And, writing every day including weekends, is a better habit to get into. It becomes more routine. Like you really need to do it . . . like oxygen. It just becomes a part of your daily ritual. Could you imagine, really having 7 novels out there in this amount of time. And, if you decide to crank it up, and get to your 5K per day mon-fri, then you’ll have even bigger stories out there for you readers. At that pace, you could actually do like 2 shorter novels (200 pages) per month, or one very long 400 page novel per month. You did get to 5K days that one week. You could do it again. You could crank out that many words. There would be no stopping you then. If you could put out two 200 page novels per month, that would be pretty impressive, and for sure would get you seriously deep into a 5 figure monthly income.

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Morning Pages Entry – April 26, 2014

Up early on a Saturday morning by 6am, and not feeling tired. That’s good, because I’m driving to Toronto today with Peter Urkedel for a GoodLife Ontario Tournament. Should be sort of fun. I’m also happy, that Sam decided not to stay out late last night after her semi-formal, and make me drive her home at 1am or something in the morning. I’m sure, that’s part of the reason, why I’m wide awake. Should really be a good time today. Probably my last squash event of the year, before any summer tournaments. We’ll see. Being wide awake this early, is also one of the benefits of eating well. I’m still stuck around 170 pounds, actually yesterday, I seemed to be more around 171, which is really annoying. I’ve been eating good, just not playing squash much. I did walk three times last week, but maybe, I need to start pumping up the physical activity again. At least, get out, and do your FitFix weight workouts again. Having the should hurt, has put an end to those for the last few months. I should get back at those. Perhaps the walking alone, is not enough. Not sure. Maybe, it’s just those last 10 or 15 pounds are tough in my case. Either way, I need to steel up my determination to drop them. If I could just see a bit of progress over the next week or so, that would really help. I need to see some movement in that direction. There’s no way I want those numbers to start going up. I wanted another ten pounds gone before the summer started. Maybe, this week, I stick to just the bacon/eggs/big ass salad/orange/grapes combo, and absolutely nothing else. That’s more then enough fuel to get through the week, and you can do it mentally, I’m sure if you space those meals out. Remember, your eating for fuel, not entertainment. I read another happy story from another kindling member, about how well, their free book promo was doing. It would seem that they hit around the 35 mark in the kindle free store. That’s pretty awesome. They’re a mystery writer, and they have three books. They’re all under 200 pages, and they seem to be doing pretty well. I need to get this book edited and out there. I really just need to push through this editing process and get it done. It would be so helpful. Maybe, I’m wondering, if I should get Karen’s eyes on the book. Another proof reader would be beneficial to the cause. I have a chapter ready for Dave and Mark almost. Maybe, let them have it for a week, and see how it goes. I’d rather not have her involved. It’s got to be a bad idea. Find yourself another proof reader online. Maybe Odesk is the way to go for this. Dave and Mark are the first pass, and see what happens. While they’re editing, I could get to work on the cover, and maybe, some of the admin things like US tax registration forms. That would be a good idea. Reading about another success story, is good in that it tells me that this is still a great place to be. I just need to see some success here. Kind of like the weight loss. I just need to get a little traction, and see things starting to move my way. That would be so encouraging for me. I could still get three books out there and running before the mid way mark of the summer. The time at the boat this year would be so much more enjoyable, if I knew there was some money starting to roll in. That would take a huge load off my mind. I really believe to, that this is something I can build on. It’s something that will stick, and give me a good foundation. Unlike so much of the web SEO stuff, that was transient, and only had a certain shelf life. With the writing, as long as I keep putting stuff out there, I’ll keep building my readership, and that only translates to more opportunities to promote all the books I’ve done prior. It’s the process at this point, that’s just holding me back. I need to get that process nailed down. Get a handle on this editing and writing. I think I have the writing down, based on that 25K week I had. Right now, it’s just the editing that is slow. Having to make multiple passes, because I didn’t really know what I was editing for has slowed things down. It’ll get better.

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Morning Pages Entry – April 25, 2014

I’ve come to some conclusions during this entire editing process for the novel. One is that, it’s just more important to get the damn thing finished and out there in whatever condition it’s in. This is not going to be a pulitizer winning novel, so you may as well just finish it, and get on to the next one that might be. You need to get your first million words of published crap out there, before you really start doing the good stuff. Getting it 80% good, is about as good as your going to do this time around. That last 20% would likely take forever. Just write that last few pieces you need to write, like the ending, and the joining piece for the new to the old intro, and be done with it. Get a kick ass cover, and put the damn thing into publication. Do the admin things you need to get setup, like the tax stuff, so Amazon doesn’t withhold money, and get it finished. Then move on. Get the process down. That’s the really important thing. Get the process working, so your cranking out a novel a month or every 6 weeks or whatever. Just get moving. I’m really curious to see, if my rough draft writing mode will change any with the new things I’ve learned about editing. I wonder if I can crank out 5K words per day, and be less wordy. In theory, I should be able to, and if I can it would be awesome, as it should make my editing process faster. I need to edit the 5000 words each day as well. That is, edit the days prior 5000 words, before you get started on the next 5000 words. Not sure, if I should do it before or after the days writing. Doing it after would be better I think, as I’d like to use my early morning energy for getting the writing done. That’s the key thing. Get the writing. Done. Then, move on to the editing. I would think, if I’m editing like I am now during my next writing phase, that my writing should naturally get tighter and more economic. It has to influence the whole process. I know, I can get down to the way Elle writes her stuff. 5000 words per day, written and edited. That would likely be better for editing. Trying to do 10000 words or 20000 words in a day is not great. I think, you just burn out near the end, and the last few thousand words edited just won’t be as good. Editing is just as important in your process as the writing, in terms of impression on the reader. Getting rid of those glaring errors is important. That probably make more of a bad impression immediately, then a great plot line, or interesting characters. Something to think about. But, I think, that between myself, and my editing with the brothers, and perhaps, submitting a few more chapters to CritiqueCircle, the novel should be good enough to publish. I will be grammar free, and in my own style. Which, may no adhere to the suggested conventions and rules of writing, but so what. I decided yesterday, while walking, that writing has more rules wrapped around it, then any other craft. Even more than computer programming. But, there is really only one rule that’s of any great importance. That rule is, you should learn as many of the writing rules as you can. Preferable all of them. Learn them, and understand their purpose. Then, feel free to ignore or implement as many of them as you wish. Writing, is ultimately about freedom. It’s about creating your own world, your own characters, your own story. All the decisions are yours and only yours to make. Sure, if you can find a partner that sees the world like you do, and gets where your coming from, then yes listen to what they have to say. Then, as with the rules, feel free to ignore or implement as many of their suggestions as you want. It’s about freedom, but in a totally selfish way. Make the story your own. Make it, how you would like to read it. Always look for ways to improve, and make it a more enjoyable and freeing process. Writing should make you a better person. I should take you to where you want to be as a person. I believe, I was always meant to do this, it just took me 51 years to figure it out.

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Morning Pages Entry – April 05, 2014

Yesterday, was sort of exciting, as I think, I came up with a new process for writing my stuff. I’m going to do the pomodoro method, which basically involves writing for a given period of time, then take another smaller period of time as a break from the task. The idea being of course, that you totally focus on the task for the work period and nothing else. It’s the only thing that you do. For me, that is going to be writing, and I’m using slightly different time periods then the official method, but that’s OK I think. I’m going to use the WriteMonkey software I have to do the writing. It’s nice and distraction free software for the focused part of the writing, plus it has a built in count down timer, which I will set to 45 minutes. It also has a word target goal that you can set for a session, which I will set to 1250 words. The reason for that word count, is that I’m looked to do 5000 words before lunch. If I start the writing at eight am, and do four sessions of 45 mintues, followed by 15 minute breaks, then I can hit my daily word goal of 5000 words before lunch. I think, the big key to success with all of this, apart from the obvious of being focused on the task at hand, is to know what your going to write ahead of time. So, the goal will be to every weekend, spend probably an hour or two, making sure I have enough stuff plotted out to get me through the writing of the week. I suspect, that at the end of each writing session, it would make sense to leave a few writing prompts for the next session/day as well. And, the biggest most exciting part of all this for me, the proverbial carrot, that I will be striving for, is that once I hit my 5000 words at 12 noon, then that’s it, I’m done for the day. No more frigging work. I can do ,whatever else I feel like. I can watch tv, play games, go for a walk, play squash, learn to play guitar, work on the boat, surf the net, or just about anything else my heart desires. I’m basically free to be free. That’s frigging amazing in my books. To have a huge sense of accomplishment with the work I’ve done before done, and basically to just fuck off and do whatever the hell I want after that. Or, even, to put to rest those nagging little things, that I never seem to have time to do, because I’m always worrying about work shit, and never getting enough none of work shit. So, yes, I think the idea of doing what ever the hell I want all afternoon and evening guilt free is very enticing, I also think, the idea of being to catch up on other tedious to-do shit from life is pretty cool as well. I’m thinking, this will not only get my work done, and really start making some money, but I will be a much happier person overall. And, I should make a tonne of money in the process. If (when) I start cranking out 5000 words a day, I will be publishing a lot of books. Definitely a book every month. For sure. If I can do that for a year, I should be not only a much better writer, but also a much richer writer. That’s exciting as well. Rich and happy, that’s what we’re going for here, and the key to it is generating a lot of interesting stories. Which of course is a lot of words. Anyone that can crank out 5000 interesting words a day, will be successful. Especially, if they can get it done before noon. Which in my case, will likely be before breakfast. I’m really looking forward to this. It could be bigger then anything else I’ve ever done. Once it get’s to a consistent money making state, it has more potential than any of my other business plans to not only give me a lot of cash, but also, a lot of freedom as well. None of the other plans really allowed me much freedom in the end. But, this does allow me the freedom to take time to myself once the ball gets rolling. And, that, is really the end game that I’ve always been moving towards, since I began this adventure.

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