Zero To Hero

So, you say Christa disappeared and Alex stayed with Chaz. At least, that’s the way that I thought this was going to go, but then you changed that up a bit in the last scene, when you said, that Alex was also in a coma, and that Christa put both of them into a coma when she left. Oh, yes, and it seems that Patzy had something to do with them going into a coma … or perhaps, I should say, I’ve already explained, that she had someting to do with Chaz’s coma. At the very least, she was monitoring Chaz, and had someting to do with waking him up at the right time. So, what do we do with Alex? I haven’t given him a lot of play time in the current outline, but I’m pretty sure he should continue throughout the story. I mean, he was one of the more likeable characters in the first book. Give that he was always Christas gaurdian for most of it, why wouldn’t you like him. I’m thinking, that his character arc should perhaps start off being depressed in here. Then perhaps, when he sees Chaz out of the coma, he starts to come around. He was likely in a coma for a period of time as well. Maybe only a few days though. That fact that he was betrayed by Christa could have driven him over the edge. He should have been doing something all the time since then though. Most likely, he would have been inserted into the military of the fort. Although, I would think, that the military probably have a much reduced role these days, given that the fort is no longer under siege. Perhaps not so much a reduced role, as a less stressful role. They still have secrets to protect here at the fort, and no doubt having patient zero and all the research data on Christa is pretty important stuff. Let’s say, that Alex has worked there, but has become a bit of an alcolohic? Or perhaps depressed. He would have been punished for his part in the escape from the fort. He would actually have taken the brunt of the blame, give that Christa was gone, and Chaz was in a coma. The general needed someone to be a scapegoat, and Alex was the only one around. So, not only did he lose two people he cared about, but he also had his feet held to the fire for what happened. Let’s say, that’s the case. And, what about Christa. Could there be stories? Maybe, Alex has heard some of them. Maybe he stutters a bit now when he talks. Between the alcolohism and the depression he should have developed some physical side effect … maybe a twitch or a tremor or muscle spasms of some sort. Let’s see if we can garner some sympathy for our buddy Alex. His arc, should be one of recovery I think. He should start from a shitty place, and gradually get stronger. Let’s beat him up pretty good in this section. So, we start off the scene, with say a few days later again, and perhaps Matt coerces Chaz to get moving. And takes him to see Alex, even though he’s not really supposed to. Cool, that would be a good way to start. Let’s say, that Alex is a janitor in the place, that his alcolohism got him into too much trouble with the military, so he got demoted to janitor. That should beat him up enough I would say.

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